My Services

Let's face it - life gets busy, and we experience all kinds of pressures from everyday life. 

It is my view that your life could be made easier when you are able to talk face to face about your incontinence problems, or that of a loved one you are caring for.  

When you understand what is happening with your body or your loved one, receive information and suggestions to take control of care and management of incontinence, your life or that of a loved one is greatly improved. It gives confidence to manage life with knowledge and support when practical management strategies are a part of your plan.

I want you to live as confidently as you or your loved one can, and enjoy life to the fullest. I want you to be willing to participate in all your life activities comfortably and confidently.


This is a personalised process to ascertain needs to benefit outcomes and well-being.  I allow up to2 hours per consultation so we are not rushed through the process. I will write a detailed report after the consultation which takes around 1 hour. I then mail you a copy and forward it on to your GP for your record and to ask for a referral if necessary.

In-Home Consultations 

Consultations will be conducted in your home, at a mutually agreed time that suits your time restraints and availability of appointments. Every effort will be made to see you as soon as is possible.

I am flexible with appointment times. In-home visits is more convenient for you, especially if you have limited time, children, or you are the carer of a family member. This alleviates the stresses of travel or organising travel and care arrangements.

What to expect during the consultation process. 

  • I take the time to talk with you about personal continence issues and concerns. I take detailed notes for reference to enable me to write and send reports to GP's. I will indicate to your GP a follow-up plan for further investigations if necessary.
  • I will conduct a urinalysis (dip stick test) to ensure you do not have an underlying infection.

  • Medical History is taken and a list of medications currently prescribed, including over the counter medications, which may impact on your continence. I will not be suggesting to cease any of your prescribed medications. If needed, I will refer you to your GP for advice regarding a medication review.

  • Continence Assessment to identify which type of incontinence you are experiencing based on your responses. There are many causes of incontinence. I hope that I can be of help in this regard to look at all symptoms. 

  • Evaluation of your continence needs. This includes continence aid recommendation and selection where necessary, ordering and trial of continence aids.

  •  Information on continence aids for purchase, how to pick the correct size, correct use of aids, how to apply and fit continence aids to effectively contain and manage incontinence.

  • Skin Care. There are many skin care products on the market and for those who are incontinent, skin care, protection and cleanliness is of paramount importance. I will explain the need for this, and what is effective to minimise skin damage.

  • Explain the Continence Aid Payment Scheme (CAPS). If you are not currently receiving benefits to assist with purchase of continence needs and pads, I will assist you in the completion of forms to apply for funding.

  • All ages welcome. Continence issues are many, from bedwetting in children, bladder and bowel incontinence and dysfunction - including flatulence incontinence and post-natal bladder leakage.

  • Information and Advice on a range of treatments to trial is a pivotal part of a plan of care. This can be from specific exercises to strengthen weakened core muscles, to wearing incontinence aids.  

  • Referral letters can be written for you to Allied Health Professionals where required.  I will forward my report to your GP if you would like this to happen. 

  • Payment for NDIS Participant's will be through the NDIS payment process in place.

  • Payment is to be made at time of consultation for those without an NDIS plan or Health cover. 

  • Check with your Health fund prior to appointment to see if you are covered for Continence Assessment and Management.  If you are covered, you will need  an Item Number for the consult.

  • Payment is to be made on the day of appointment. You can then submit the receipt to your health fund;

For more information on appointments, please phone or email me on the contact page.