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Denise Parker

Continence Nurse

Hello and Welcome.

Incontinence - "The Taboo Word"

​For many years, Incontinence has been something that you just didn't talk about. My hope is to change the way you think about incontinence which will make your life easier.

In this day and age, Incontinence is talked about openly. You hear it on the radio and you see it on television. The focus from these advertisements is to address the problem and to remove the stigma attached to incontinence. Let's  work together to maintain your quality of life.

Incontinence is a term used to describe any accidental or involuntary loss of urine, faeces or wind.  It ranges in severity. It can be a small leak, to complete loss of control. There are a variety of reasons why you may experience incontinence. It is not restricted to the elderly. 

Incontinence has a large impact on family life and daily living activities in and around the home, but more so, in activities outside the home. It is embarrassing, and upsetting for someone who is incontinent. It is something that is very hard to come to terms with. 

Incontinence affects more than 4.8 million people in Australia. This includes women and men in all age brackets, children and those with disabilities.  In some cases, incontinence can be cured, and if not, then it can be better managed. You are not alone and help is available. 

Information is available from many sources. I know how frustrating it is to search for information and not knowing which will benefit you. There are websites to view and help with your incontinence. The main websites I refer to are The Continence Foundation of Australia and Bladder and Bowel Website.

In the pages following, I will give brief explanations of the types of incontinence. It is not a full list, as there are many reasons and conditions that may cause incontinence. I list what is involved in my assessment process to show what is involved with assessing your needs and guidance.

I offer advice for parents who have a child that wets the bed. This can be a difficult time for parents and the child alike. There is a social stigma attached to bedwetting and I can offer ways of training the child in this area. Reassurance is needed when addressing this problem. First and foremost is to  relieve the stress felt by the child.

I hope that these pages will assist you. I am here to talk to and to advise on treatments and ways of living to maximise your quality of life.

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